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We want to help 10 million individuals get started growing their own food from home.

It’s difficult to fully enjoy life if you’re not vibrantly healthy. Organic Garden Tips understands that, which is why we’re committed to being your most trusted guide to growing healthy and delicious food…organically.

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Editorial Policy

The purpose here to outline our editorial policy in broad strokes rather than to disclose the style guide for our writers, although if you have questions on that front most of them can be answered here.

Here are the general guidelines and values of our editorial policy:

  • Provide Value – This is our prime directive and if we get nothing else right, we should still nail this one.
  • Write for a global audience in US English – Gardening is applicable to everyone on the planet, but for consistency we use US English spellings and measurements.
  • Images – All imagery on the site is either designed for our site specifically, purchased by us or determined to be in the public sphere (in which case this is noted in the caption). Imagery should also add value, if only to entertain.
  • Sourcing – All sources should be noted, either in the text of the article or in the citations at the end of the article. Sourcing should be more rigorous the closer a topic is to personal health and welfare (i.e., articles about diabetes need more sources than articles about gardening).
  • Expertise – Our writers, editors, researchers and reviewers are selected for their topical expertise and storytelling abilities. It is our intention to collect and distribute the world’s best content on gardening. 

If you have questions about our editorial policies or the quality of our content, please contact: