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11 Amazing Garden Sheds to Hold ALL Your Tools

11 Amazing Garden Sheds to Hold ALL Your Tools

Gardening is a great relaxing hobby unless you have to struggle to find storage space for all of your tools and equipment. When you first start gardening, you may only have a few tools like a shovel, a rake, or even a garden hoe.

But as the years go by, you’re bound to accumulate more tools and even larger tools like a wheelbarrow or other backyard items like patio furniture.

But what if you’re running low on storage space? Or if your garage is packed to the gills? A garden storage shed could be a great solution to all of your storage problems. There are so many great storage building options on the market today.

You can select horizontal sheds, vertical sheds, metal sheds, wood sheds, and even resin, or plastic sheds. No matter what size space you have to work with or your design style, you’re bound to find a shed that can help you stay organized and get gardening.

1. Suncast Resin Wood Grain Shed

This charming shed features a shingle roof and resin walls making it a low maintenance garden shed option. Double doors with windows allow light to flow into the shed and vents keep the air from getting too musty.

2. Keter Store it Out MAX Shed

This space saving garden shed provides enough room to store things like a lawnmower or garden tools, but is small enough to not overpower even the smallest of yards. With doors that swing open in the front and a hydraulic powered top lid, you can easily access anything you need to store.

3. Merax Wooden Garden Shed

Coated in a waterproof finish to help minimize weather damage, this wooden shed is a compact option featuring stylish shutter doors. Shelving can help you keep your storage space neat and orderly so you don’t have to hunt for your gardening supplies. It features a linoleum roof that’s weather resistant and durable.

4. Goplus Garden Storage Shed

Simple to assemble and built to be tough, this galvanized steel shed is sturdy and durable. Its walls are ridged to provide extra stability and its sliding door makes it easy to take things in and out of the shed. There’s a ton of ventilation provided by the vents placed high enough on the shed to prevent people or creatures from crawling in.

5. Keter Oakland Duotech Storage Shed

This customizable garden shed offers maximum storage space and durability. Made out of heavy duty resin designed to look like wood, this shed can be painted to match your house. Its windows feature a Victorian design and make this shed look nice enough to live in. If you like extra organization, you can easily install shelves on the interior of this shed.

6. Merax Arrow Shed

Don’t let the size of this shed fool you – it might look like a dollhouse, but it still provides a lot of storage space for smaller gardening items. It comes with built in shelves and is made out of treated cedar wood. It’s space saving size allows it to sit on a deck or take up minimal yard space.

7. Green Outdoor Storage Shed

It’s easy being green with this bold storage shed. It can hold bigger items like lawnmowers all the way down to smaller gardening tools like trowels. It’s sloped roof helps to prevent water from getting in the shed and has vents for proper ventilation.

8. Outsunny Metal Garden Shed

This cost effective metal storage shed might not have all the bells and whistles that other sheds have, but it still gets the job done. It’s durable enough to keep out the elements and pests and is fire resistant. It’s metal exterior is low maintenance and its sliding doors make getting items in and out of storage a breeze.

9. Rubbermaid Junior Outdoor Shed

Meant for storing larger items, this durable plastic shed can be customized to hold a variety of gardening tools. Shelving, racks, and pegboard can be easily added to the interior to help with organization.

10. Peach Tree Outdoor Metal Shed

Featuring an open floor design, this metal garden shed is made of metal that’s resistant to corrosion and rust. It has easy to open sliding doors and vents for airflow. Its sloped roof helps to keep the interior of the shed safe from the elements.

11. Suncast Vertical Shed

The space saving design of this vertical shed makes it easy to store long-handled garden tools like shovels and hoes. It’s made of weather resistant panels that keep water out and are less susceptible to fading from sun damage. Shelves can easily be added to the interior of the shed for additional storage options.

Don’t let garden tool clutter keep you from getting out and getting growing. Add some additional storage to your life and see how easy it is to keep everything neat and organized.