Alan Ray

Alan Ray is an independent writer who has experienced an eclectic career. He co-created and was the Head Writer for a reality television series as well as composing and producing the Theme song. He has written radio comedy, specials for National Public Radio, hundreds of blogs and no end of gardening and how-to articles spanning a galaxy of topics from aquaponics to the history of the flush toilet. He has also worked tirelessly on countless projects that went nowhere. Additionally, Alan spent years in recording studios in Nashville, Tennessee, where he worked as a staff songwriter for various music publishing companies. He is both a multiple BMI Award recipient and ASCAP award-winning songwriter, respectively. He has also written 5 books and is a New York Times best selling author (Non-Fiction/Humor). While touring the country doing book-signings, he did over 700 live radio interviews with every major radio station in the nation as well as the BBC and Radio Free Europe. Currently, he is a regular contributor to this site in addition to two of the top gardening magazines in Canada including a Medical Marijuana magazine and also a B2B mag. He enjoys small town life in southern Tennessee where his time is spent writing, messing with plants and laughing a lot with his lovely and quick-witted wife.

How to Start Indoor Gardening

How to Start an Indoor Garden

Gardens hold such natural beauty. Ripening fruits and vegetables come alive with a painter’s-palette of vivid colors and verdant foliage that add color to our own life.  And that’s only the visual reward.  The unseen reward of gardening is its gentle and satisfying effects on the mind and body. Gardening is good medicine.  It is proven …

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11 Bucket List Tomatoes You Gotta Grow Before You Go

Best Types of Tomatoes to Grow: 11 Bucket List Tomatoes You Gotta Grow Before You Go!

With so many tomato varieties, ranging from exotic Black Krim tomatoes to ordinary beefsteak tomatoes, making up this list was not as easy as I initially thought. Horticulturalists could even make their whole career out of studying just one kind. Therefore, for me to choose a definitive list of tomatoes to grow before you go …

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Gifts for Gardeners

Gifts for Gardeners

Fall is upon us, and winter is just around the corner. Unless you have a greenhouse or indoor garden, this sign pretty much marks the end of the growing season for most gardeners. However, winter will come and go soon enough, and before you know it, spring will be knocking on the door, begging you to …

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