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13 Garden Kneelers to Make Gardening a Breeze

13 Garden Kneelers to Make Gardening a Breeze

One of the most tedious parts of gardening is weeding. You’re not alone if you dread kneeling or stooping for long periods of time in your garden. You can spend hours and hours on your knees or hunched over trying to keep your vegetable or flower garden weed free. If you have mobility issues, bad knees, or even a bad back, you might feel like maintaining a garden might be too much work for you to physically handle.

Thankfully, there are a wide variety of garden kneelers available to help ease your pain and make garden maintenance a more pleasant experience. Check out some of the best garden kneelers on the market below.

1. Bosmere Folding Kneeler and Garden Seat

Sometimes you might feel like kneeling in the garden. But what about the times you don’t? This garden kneeler is so versatile that it can also be used for seating. Its sturdy construction allows the legs of the kneeler to be used for extra support when pushing yourself off the kneeler to get into a standing position.

2. Fiskars Kneeling Cushion

This fashionable and no frills garden kneeler is as basic as it gets – but it still gets the job done. It’s lightweight and can be carried easily with its built in handle. This kneeler is also moisture-proof with a tough outer shell but provides ample cushioning with its soft foam cushion interior.

3. Diamond Premium Kneeling Pad

Manufactured from recycled materials, this oversized kneeler can be used in the garden as well as for other household projects like auto repair or construction. It’s washable and stain resistant, so it can be used anywhere you need to have a little extra padding for your knees.

4. Bosmere Plastic Garden Kneeler

This sturdy plastic kneeler can be used for kneeling in the garden, but it can also be used as a stool. It comes with a built in cushion and is designed to reduce back and knee strain. Plus, it’s lightweight and easy to move around in your garden.

5. Vertex Garden Rocker Comfort Kneeler

Designed with a gardener’s comfort in mind, this garden kneeler has a large kneeling surface but can also be used as a garden stool. It has a unique rocking design when in kneeler mode that reduces back and knee strain, and its handles help to make kneeling or getting up a little bit easier.

6. Yard Butler

Whether you use this kneeler for kneeling or as a garden stool, both sides are equipped with a foam cushion to maximize comfort. It’s made out of heavy duty steel guaranteed to be weather resistant. It also folds to make storage a breeze.

7. Step2 Garden Kneeler

Best known for making durable toys for children, this Step2 kneeler is as sturdy as it gets. It’s both a kneeler and a stool and can be easily assembled.

8. Aspectek GardenHOME Folding Kneeler

With extra thick padding, this garden kneeler and stool is designed to keep you comfortable, even if you suffer from back issues or arthritis. It can be easily folded flat to take up as little room as possible when it’s not being used.

9. Sunflower Day Small Garden Kneeler

Another no frills option, this garden kneeler comes in a variety of colors and can be used indoor or outdoors. It is firm enough to provide support when kneeling, but it’s cushioned enough to safely protect your knees.

10. RED Home Club Thick Kneeling Pad

This oversized kneeler has more padding than just about any other kneeler on the market. It’s made from a durable foam that won’t break down or compress over time. It’s also portable, water resistant, and has a satisfaction guarantee.

11. Happy Picnic Gardening Kneeler

This foldable kneeler can be transported just about anywhere and can be used for gardening, yard work, and even camping. It has a washable cover that keeps its memory foam cushion safe from the elements. It offers lightweight comfort wherever and whenever you need it.

12. Knee Cloud Memory Foam Kneeling Pad

Made with durable Neoprene fabric, this light and portable kneeler has a memory foam core that won’t break down or compress and is puncture resistant. It’s also water resistant and easy to clean, so this garden kneeler can be used on dirt, gravel, wet grass, and more!

13. Canvas Waterproof Knee Mat

A highly fashionable option, this garden kneeler features a washable cover that’s very easy to clean. It’s lightweight and has a handle to make carrying this kneeler – or even hanging it in a storage shed – easy.

No matter which garden kneeler you choose – your knees and back will be sure to thank you later!