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A gnome in a green garden

Cool Lawn Gnomes

Plants are certainly the highlight of every garden but to add a bit of mischief and color to the space, garden gnomes are the perfect garden accessories. Garden gnomes are small figurines that depict the fictional creatures known as gnomes. These are humanoid creatures that sport bushy white beards and wear a pointy red hat.

Gnomes are decoration pieces that are displayed in gardens and lawns. I came across them when I was a young girl and I fell in love with them instantly. And when the movie Gnomeo and Juliet came out, my love for these small garden decorations was ignited once again.

That is when I finally decided to get some gnomes for my garden. At first, I was as clueless as you all are and did not know where to begin. Since I was interested in these figurines, I conducted my own research to know more about them and their types. As I collected one gnome after the other, it soon became a statue collection that I am proud of.

Garden gnomes have a long history, which is quite interesting. So, let’s see how the gnome became popular.

Funny Garden Gnomes

Getting a gnome that is funny and cute at the same time is easy. If you know where to look, you can easily get your hand on different types. These comical creatures can help bring your yard to life and make someone’s day better. So, get ready because some funny bone tickling garden gnomes are coming your way.

Star Trek Gnome

A lawn gnome that takes inspiration from Star Trek? Sign me up!

That is exactly how I reacted when I saw this masterpiece. Being a fan of the series, I was adamant to make it a part of my collection. But that was before I saw the inscription. I had just seen the uniform, and it did not take me long to realize what it meant. But after reading the inscription ‘Join Starfleet they said, It’d be fun they said,’ I knew I couldn’t let this one go.

Scarface Gnome

I have many gnomes in my garden, and I like to mix and match them to create some iconic movie scenes. So, imagine my surprise when I came across this gnome. Godfather may be a bit too graphic for some people, but this garden gnome gives it a comical twist.

The small statue holds a Tommy gun, with his mouth open, as if it’s screaming. There’s just something about the face and the inscription, ‘Say hello to my little friend’ that makes me chuckle every time I see it. Since most of the gnomes in my lawn are cute and cuddly, this masterpiece stands out. In fact, I gave this gnome as a gift to a friend and they loved it. (source)

Disco Tony Gnome

Want to get your groove on? I love this garden gnome and have one in my garden, too. This statue demands respect and is surely a gnome that you will love if you are passionate about music. Stayin’ Alive is easy when you have this slick gnome in your lawn.

The disco ball and the leisure suit add to the character of the gnome and is a must-have lawn decoration. This gnome is the star of the show in my lawn and makes me smile every time I see it.

Snail Riding Gnome

Yes, this gnome is as ridiculous as it sounds. It is so bad that it is actually good. If getting a garden gnome is just not enough for you, opt for a snail riding gnome that will have people in stitches. The stumpy bearded gnome, looking all comfy on the back of a snail is definitely a sight worth seeing.

If you are looking for something even better than this, then the frog riding gnome is right up your alley. Instead of kissing the frog, this gnome has made better use of the amphibian by using it as a stallion. Whatever you say, these gnomes are surely going places. So, giddy up for the ride of a lifetime!

Cool Garden Gnomes

I am always on the lookout for cool garden gnomes and after years of search, I do know a thing or two about them. Be it the scary gnome or a gnome dressed as your favorite character, these cool garden gnomes sure know how to bring the party to your lawn.

I started off with the zombie gnome and now I have a vampire gnome, Frankenstein’s monster gnome, werewolf gnome and a few witch gnomes too. It is almost like an addiction I cannot seem to shake off. So, before I start describing each gnome that I own, let’s take a look at the top ones on my list.

Zombie Gnome

Zombies and vampire movies are loved all over the world and I’m a fan, too. But to bring the concept to the cute and cuddly world of gnomes is just a stroke of genius. An important part of the pop culture, zombies are definitely scary but add gnomes to the mix, and the whole concept turns on its head.

One look at this gnome and you will not be able to decide whether to be afraid of this statue or marvel at the creation. The gory details and the blood make this gnome the perfect Halloween decoration.

Darth Vader Gnome

The thing about this garden gnome is that it does not even look like a gnome. Yes! It looks exactly like Darth Vader and I knew I had to mention this since I did include the Star Trek gnome, too. This gnome demands respect as it is dressed like the iconic character.

What makes it even more special is the lightsaber that the gnome carries. It is painted by hand and the finesse makes this gnome look very real. So, if you want to add a touch of Star Wars to your lawn, this gnome is the key (source).

Game of Gnomes

Anyone who is a fan of the books or the series would definitely love this Game of gnomes garden decoration. A grumpy gnome, sitting on the infamous iron throne, with a shovel in his hand is just what your yard needs.

You may be as oblivious as Jon Snow, but even then you will be able to see the potential this gnome has. And I know the last season did disappoint many people, but this garden gnome will never do that.

Garden Gnome History

To understand the history of garden gnomes, it’s important to first know what gnomes are. Gnomes are mythical creatures that exist in fairy tales. They are small creatures that stand at a height of one to two feet. Some are even smaller and are only a few inches tall.

Gnomes are stout and live in nature, but according to the myths, they prefer living underground. Some stories describe them as magical creatures that possessed the power to reward or punish people. As for the garden gnome, it has a richer history.

In the early 1600’s, having a garden statue was a status symbol. Not everyone could afford to get one for their yard and only the upper class enjoyed this luxury. Garden gnomes, however, originated in Germany, in the 19th century. At the time, when the mythical interest was deeply rooted in the whole population, farmers started using garden gnomes as a good luck charm for their farms because they were believed to ward off the evil eye.

They also believed that the gnomes will protect their farms from bugs and also any mischief brought upon by humans. The desire to keep their farms free of pests is what led almost all the farmers to buy and use these decoration pieces for their garden.

This belief soon got popular throughout the country and the demand for garden gnomes increased drastically. People started buying them because they believed the garden gnomes would protect their property during the night. They soon started sprouting in every yard, all over the country.

Sir Charles Isham traveled from Germany to England, and brought the statues to his home, Lampert Hall. He had 21 terra cotta garden gnomes, which he proudly displayed in his garden. Over time, all the garden statues aged and broke. To this day, only one statue, out of the original 21, remains in the grounds of Sir Isham’s house.

Isham played an important role in the history of garden gnomes, as his garden display caused quite a sensation all over the UK. After this incident, these quaint garden decorations became mainstream and are still an important part of horticulture (source).

Soon, people started buying garden gnomes just because they looked dainty among the plants. People bought them not because of superstition but because they needed to add a little pizazz to their yard. The statues were called gartenzwerge in Germany, which translates to garden dwarf. As their popularity grew, they were given the name Gnomes, inspired by the Greek word genomo, which means Earth dwellers (source).

Over time, gnomes became a part of every yard. Nowadays, people gift them at Christmas. Some people also give garden gnomes as wedding presents. They have become one of the most unique garden decorations and with so many different types, you can never get enough of them. Their fame knows no bound and they even have a day dedicated to them. In 2002, June 21st was declared as the International Gnome Day, and to date, it is celebrated in many countries.

So, now that you know so much about these creatures, let’s explore some of the most common types that go well with every yard.

Final Thoughts on Cool Garden Gnomes

This was just a brief introduction to garden gnomes and how these decoration pieces can help you put on a great display. As long as you are passionate about them and want to take your garden display to another level, these garden gnomes can help you out. Take inspiration from the ideas given above and go all out!

Want to know more about how to buy the perfect gnome? Want to find out about some more garden gnomes? Looking for ideas on where to get the ideal statue? Ask away in the comments below and I will get right back to you with all the answers so you can add these cute stone statues to your garden too!