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30 DIY Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

Whether you are a lover of green and growing things or a lover of fresh ingredients in your food, these indoor herb garden ideas are absolutely fantastic. There is no experience required, and all you need to do to spice up your cooking game with fresh herbs is water the plants and make sure they have access to some sunshine. Get inspired and give these designs and techniques a look

Mason Jar and Dryer Vent Clamp Garden

This design just needs some Mason canning jars, a few dryer vent clamps, wood screws, and some reclaimed wood. They can be directly mounted to the wall or mounted to screws with tap-in picture frame hangers for easy removal and replacement. Full plans and a tutorial are available here.

Creative Cloud Hanging Plant Flowerpot Home Garden

These nifty little planters are available for sale on several websites, but the design is simple. Replicating it with a few items from the hardware store should be no more than a few hours of work.

Upside Indoor Planter

With just some plastic planters, a little ingenuity, and some steel wire, these gorgeous planters can grace your kitchen in one form or another.

Candle Jar Dryer Vent Clamp Variation

Here is an alternative design for the mason jar and dryer vent clamp entry featured above that uses large candle jars instead of mason jars. This design works well if you have more limited wall space for your planters.

Self-Watering Bottle Top Planters

To create these self-watering herb planters, you will need old drinking glasses, a glass cutting kit, a few old glass bottles, some metal window screening, and a length of sturdy crafting string. Check out the step-by-step tutorial by clicking here.

Chalkboard Pallet Planter

Making this used pallet planter is as easy as applying some chalkboard paint and cutting out some window screening to staple into the bottom of each planter box. Check out this link for a tutorial.

Slat wall Hanging Herb Garden

This sleek-looking model requires a section of slat wall from your local hardware store and some slat wall bins. Note the clip-on labels with slate-like surface for labeling each bin.

2-Liter Soda Bottle Top Hanging Herb Garden

As simple to make as it appears, this hanging planter reuses old 2-liter bottles to make a quick and attractive planter for your kitchen. Check this link for a tutorial and how-to.

Coffee Tin Herb Planters

A colorful and creative design, these planters use old coffee cans to create living art. Check out the tutorial here.

Wire Loop and Wallhanger Herb Garden

These simple-yet-lovely planters just need some basic items available at the local hardware store to install in your window, and they are easy to swap out for watering or reorganization/re-seeding. Check here for additional details.

Soup Can Herb Garden

Ingenious in its simplicity, this design just requires some old soup cans, batting, and a bit of chain easily obtainable from your local hardware store. The chalkboard paint strips are a nice touch that make it easy to reuse these planters for other herbs and spices as your garden grows.

Teacup and Saucer Planters

Get ready to go thrift shopping and snatch up some teacup and saucer finds. These planters are classy and easy to make with just a little potting soil and some herbs. They also look lovely on a windowsill or gracing a kitchen counter in the sunshine.

Peg-Board and Coffee Mug Planters

Using regular peg-board and peg-board hardware, you can easily make this an attractive part of your kitchen, and you can use the pegboard to organize and store more than just your herbs. Check here for additional details.

Spice Drawer Herb Planter

Making use of old spice storage drawers, this design gives a real touch of class to your kitchen, and it serves a dual purpose of being able to do double duty by storing dried spices in the drawers not being used as planters.

Eclectic Shelving Unit Planter

If it can hold dirt and water, it can be a planter. That is the driving philosophy behind this window shelving unit that uses everything from coffee cups to lab beakers in order to create a wide variety of herbal planters that are both unique and attractive.

Moss Wreath Planter

A beautiful blend of herbs and moss, you can water this lovely planter all at once by setting it in the sink and spraying it down.

Water Bottle Hanging Inverted Planter

An attractive design that is both functional and beautiful, this upcycled water bottle planter just needs a little batting or screening, some wire, and some wooden dowel to make a truly beautiful herb garden for your kitchen.

Tall Can Planter

From reclaimed wood and upcycled tin cans comes a simple-yet-lovely design that makes a beautiful addition to any kitchen.

Pickle Jar Shelf Planters

This design uses a simple wooden shelf and mason jars to give your kitchen herb garden a rustic-yet-refined look.

Upside Inverted Planters Variant

This planter is a variation on the above-mentioned upside inverted planters, but instead of hanging over the kitchen counter, they act as a chandelier for the kitchen table.

Bracket Flowerpot Planters

As elegant as it is simple, this planter style requires minimal construction and adds both function and simple sophistication to your kitchen herb garden.

Twinnings Tea Tin Herb Planters

Love tea? Use your old tea tins to grow herbs in your window. It gives a classy, Victorian England feel to your herb garden without being overwhelming.

Tin Can and Puffy Paint Herb Planters

With some puffy paint, tin cans, and a little ingenuity, you can make some delightfully attractive planters for your kitchen herb garden with very little time and effort. Check here for a tutorial.

Ikea Vurhm Planter

Take a wine bottle rack, some old drinking glasses, and a little chalkboard paint and combine them into a lovely work of art that also houses your herbs in an attractive way that adds sophistication and class to any kitchen. Check here for a complete how-to.

Flowerpot and Dryer Vent Clamp Planters

It is truly inspiring what a person can do with flower pots, a little reclaimed wood, and dryer vent clamps. This little beauty is perfect for those who want the warmth of flower pots and old wood combined with the natural beauty of their kitchen herb garden.

Soup Can and Fiberboard Planters

All you need for a beautiful planter is some fiberboard, soup cans, wire and wire tags. Check here for the full tutorial.

Flowerpots Within a Flowerpot Planter

A creative and simple design that takes almost no time to build and will last for years. If you like it, click here to view the full tutorial.

Stenciled Flowerpot Planters

All you need for this design are some stencils and a bit of colorful chalkboard paint. Check the full tutorial here for a step-by-step how-to.

PVC and Upcycled Soda Bottles Planter

More like something out of science fiction than a kitchen planter, this window farm uses PVC, a little paint, and some plastic tubing to create a complete self-water garden in a futuristic package.

Clothespin Planters

A rustic little planter with simple materials, this clothespin planter adds a touch of whimsy to any kitchen.