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Orange colored calendula flower

How to Grow Calendula

Introduction Calendula is one of my favorite flowers. There is no other flower that glows with the same cheerfulness and delight as this one. I have always been in love with these flowers as they have a calming and soothing effect on my mind and soul. However, that’s not all. There are also many other …

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Green broccoli against white background

How to Grow Broccoli

Introduction Broccoli is one of the healthiest and nutrient-rich vegetables. We love having this healthy vegetable as a side to many of our main course. Broccoli is also an important ingredient in many salads. It can be eaten fresh, stir-fried, or in a pasta or soup. Whatever way you decide to eat the vegetable, you …

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Beautiful pink colored azaleas

How to Grow Azaleas

Introduction Azaleas are one of the most beautiful flower shrubs you will ever come across. It looks stunning, especially when it is in full bloom during spring. These are easy-care shrubs that come in a variety of colors. You will definitely find one that suits your needs. My first interaction with azaleas was back in …

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Healthy rosemary

How to Grow Rosemary

Introduction Who doesn’t love the smell of rosemary? Also known as rosmarinus officinalis, this perennial herb can be used to add aromatic notes to any dish, which needs to be elevated and make diners salivate. It is best grown in warm areas, which are somewhat humid and in ideal conditions, this herb can grow fast. …

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Pieces of rutabaga

How To Grow Rutabaga

Introduction If you want to add something special to your vegetable garden, try growing rutabaga for a change. Known to be high in nutrition and incredibly easy to grow, this root vegetable will be easy to maintain. I have a crop at the moment that I love to sell at the local farmer’s market. It …

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Saw palmetto growing haphazardly

How to Grow Saw Palmetto

Introduction If you live in Florida, growing saw palmetto palm trees aka serenoa repens should not be a hassle. The tree is indigenous to the region and is often seen adorning residential landscapes. Plus, it can tolerate a lot of severe conditions and can even thrive in coastal regions. I have several plants that I …

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Thyme leaves

How to Grow Thyme

Introduction Isn’t it about time you conquered your fears about growing thyme? Bad joke, I know, but I really couldn’t help it. I absolutely adore growing this aromatic herb in my garden. Just the smell takes me back to summer months spent on my grandparents’ farm, watching them grow this herb with tender loving care. …

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How to Grow Soybeans

Introduction Love to eat soybeans and want to grow some on your own? If you have a green thumb, this should not be a problem. However, if this is the first time you are trying your hand at it, I am here to help. This free-branching legume can grow as large as 36 inches in …

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Fresh fennel bulbs

How to Grow Fennel

Introduction The pungent aroma and the rich, earthy flavour of fennel make it a favourite with chefs and home cooks alike. Plus, its green fronds can be used to garnish dishes and make them stand out. If you are having trouble growing your own, I have some great tips for you that really worked well …

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Fresh cilantro with roots

How to Grow Cilantro

Introduction Cilantro can transform a simple dish into an aromatic masterpiece and enhance the flavour of its ingredients. It is called coriander in some countries but in some, cilantro refers to the leaves and stalks of the Coriandum Sativum plant. The seeds have an entirely different flavour and are often known as coriander. However, whatever …

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