How to Make Organic Compost

Best Organic Compost to Buy

Compost (noun) – Decayed organic material such as leaves, grass clippings, and vegetables used as a plant fertilizer. Compost (verb) – Make vegetable matter or manure into compost. In a nutshell, compost is an earthy material produced by the natural breakdown of organic matter. Composting is the process of mixing those organic materials and creating …

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How to Start Tomato Seeds

Start Tomatoes From Seed

“Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.” -Brian O’Driscoll​ For those folks who cannot wait to get their hands in the dirt, spring not only signals the end of a dreary winter but portends the coming summer months of being outdoors and …

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7 Sensational Succulents

Benefits of Succulents

Succulent is the term used to describe the ability of certain plants to retain water. The word succulent comes from the Latin succas, which means sap or juice. Succulent plants are generally grown at home indoors and are considered ornamental plants because they can bloom in a host of vibrant colors. Expressing their versatility, however, succulents also do well outdoors …

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Natural Fungicide for Plants

Natural Fungicide for Plants

Fungicide [fun-ji-side]. While this funny sounding word is familiar to many, not everyone can tell you exactly what it is. Fungicides, insecticides and herbicides all fall under the same category, they are pesticides. Icide is a noun essentially meaning something that kills someone or thing. Herbicides-kill weeds, pesticides-kill insect pests and so naturally, we can figure what kills fungus. Given that, the …

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Maintain Your Greenhouse

How to Maintain a Greenhouse

SUMMER IS A BUSY AND DELIGHTFUL TIME for gardeners everywhere. From the sweet fragrance of flowers in bloom to the quiet anticipation of tomorrow’s harvest, gardening can be a rewarding hobby and lucrative business. The beauty of having a greenhouse is nearly self-explanatory. Aside from their simple, crystal beauty, greenhouses are an effective way to control your plant’s …

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