A gnome in a green garden

Cool Lawn Gnomes

Plants are certainly the highlight of every garden but to add a bit of mischief and color to the space, garden gnomes are the perfect garden accessories. Garden gnomes are small figurines that depict the fictional creatures known as gnomes. These are humanoid creatures that sport bushy white beards and wear a pointy red hat. …

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How to Start Indoor Gardening

How to Start an Indoor Garden

Gardens hold such natural beauty. Ripening fruits and vegetables come alive with a painter’s-palette of vivid colors and verdant foliage that add color to our own life.  And that’s only the visual reward.  The unseen reward of gardening is its gentle and satisfying effects on the mind and body. Gardening is good medicine.  It is proven …

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Polycarbonate is a popular greenhouse plastic.

What Kind Of Plastic To Use For Greenhouse?

Anyone who is just getting into horticulture should know about the amazing things you can do with a greenhouse. These artificial structures have made it possible to grow plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables throughout the year. They also allow you to grow exotic plants and flowers that wouldn’t normally survive in your climate (https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/special/greenhouses/greenhouse-tree-care-growing.htm). Greenhouses …

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Colorful zinnia flowers

How to Grow Zinnias

Introduction Have you tried to grow zinnia but haven’t been able to do so successfully? Zinnias are prolific annual flowers and one of my favorites. I also had a hard time initially when it started growing zinnias plants but learned the best way to do so with some research and practice. Here is how you …

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